class consulate.api.event.Event(uri, adapter, datacenter=None, token=None)

The Event endpoints are used to fire a new event and list recent events.

fire(name, payload=None, datacenter=None, node=None, service=None, tag=None)

Trigger a new user Event

  • name (str) – The name of the event
  • payload (str) – The opaque event payload
  • datacenter (str) – Optional datacenter to fire the event in
  • node (str) – Optional node to fire the event for
  • service (str) – Optional service to fire the event for
  • tag (str) – Option tag to fire the event for
Return str:

the new event ID


Returns the most recent events known by the agent. As a consequence of how the event command works, each agent may have a different view of the events. Events are broadcast using the gossip protocol, so they have no global ordering nor do they make a promise of delivery.